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Partnership with Lycee de l'ameublement de Revel (Revel technical college)

29 octobre 2015 - 09:53

In 2013 the Revel college students made about 20 10 x 10 draughts boards used in the 2013 Junior World championship and in our village hall the same year.

This year the lycee Revel is renewing its' partnership by making 20 8 x 8 draughts boards.
They will be used by the GMI (International champions) during the Brazilian world cup games held in Mirepoix sur Tarn in October 2016.

Jacky Hannachi, president and the members of the Club Damier Mirapissien would like to thank the people involved in this project:
F de Barros, head master
C Frendo, Chief of works
The teachers who played an important role and the students who made the draughts boards.